How do I use Razercut?

A simplified version of the app instructions:

Launch the app in the usual way.
A page of active thumbnail images will appear displaying each local TV station's live signal. If the top of the page says

Double-tap or long-press any thumbnail to play that station full screen.

Double-tap or long-press the screen to return to the thumbnails.

To see a Program Grid, swipe-down on the screen of thumbnails using two fingers (swipe-up to remove the Grid).

Left-swipe the Program Grid with one finger to see what's on at different times (double-tap or long-press a channel listing to play the channel live).

While watching a station full screen, swipe-down on the screen using two fingers to display show information (swipe-up to remove).

While watching a station full-screen, swipe using one finger to change to the adjacent channel (swipe-up/down/left/right).

Turn off a station's audio to activate closed-captioning.

To move off the page of local TV station thumbnails, use one finger and left-swipe the screen to navigate to the Tunavision page.
Tunavision displays only non-broadcast channels such as CNN, Newsmax, FOX News, Auto Channel, etc.

The selection of channels displayed on the Tunavision page is up to the user. Swipe down over the thumbnails using two fingers to see the list of available channels. Double-tap or long-press any channel name to "brighten" it. Highlight everything in the list that you want to have available for viewing, then swipe-up on the grid using two fingers to see the new page of thumbnails. They may fill multiple pages. Double-tap or long-press any thumbnail to watch that channel just as your did on the iTuna page of local TV stations.

There are many more features, but the above will give you an idea of how the platform GUI works. The pages following Tunavision display popular websites. You can add/delete your favorites. Double-tap or long-press in and out of any website's thumbnail to navigate to it. Razercut is also an Internet browser which can navigate to any website.

To enter URLs

In general, make sure that your phone Wi-Fi is turned on. Turn on mobile data if you want to watch TV away from your Wi-Fi area. If you have a wireless Bluetooth earpiece, audio will be redirected to it. Very handy when watching TV at a restaurant, airport or in a car.

This is most always caused by a very poor or non-existant Internet connection. If you are using cellular services, the tower may be voice and text message only or the data rate is too low. Check another app that uses the Internet, like Safari or Speedtest, to verify a good data connection.
Why do I see 'UNKNOWN MARKET'? streams and other geolocation services require knowing where you are to provide the correct and legally appropriate video streams. Several reasons could explain why you are seeing this message.

1) Your location may not be inside a known county/DMA (Designated Market Area).

2) You may not have location services turned on for Razercut, you may be inside a building or area where the GPS receiver fails to pickup the GPS Satellite signal, or you may be using a device such as an iPad which does not have a GPS receiver. While we employee other technicques to try and determine your location, sometimes they fail.

3) Your device may be exhibiting unusual behaviour. For legal reasons, it is important that you only be served content that is appropriate for your location. If our location services determine unusual behaviour, it will fence out your device. For example, if you just took an airline flight that jumped you across the USA or you are returning from outside of the USA. If this problem persists and you beleive it is in error, please contact us.

Why can't I hear anything?

1) Make sure your volume is turned up.

2) On devices that have a physical mute switch, it may be on. Turn the mute switch off.

3) If you have a bluetooth audio device, it could be that the sound is being played there.

4) The audio jacks can "stick" causing the audio to be sent to the audio jack even if nothing is plugged into it currently. Try plugging headphones in to your device and check for audio with the headphones.

5) If you have changed your settings to cause the physical mute switch to act as an anti-rotate switch, the device will remember the mute settings before the function was switched. Change the phyiscal switch back to a mute switch, enable audio again, and then you may reassign the switch back to an anti-rotate switch.

Still having problems?

If the above does not resolve your problem, please contact us directly. Please describe the exact problem you are having, what steps you have taken to resolve the problem, the device model you are using (ie. iPhone 6s, iPad mini, etc), and the iOS version you are using. Additional details like where you were, cellular or WIFI connection type, Internet speed, or any other details you feel is important. EMAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE